About the Campaign

Realize the Vision: The Campaign for Tier One & Beyond was about a continuing progression forward and upward. UT Dallas is a newcomer by the standards of most great universities — just five decades have taken this institution from startup to the exceptional university of today.

The rise of UT Dallas to a Tier One research university can’t come too soon for our city and our state. Texas lags behind other states in Tier One universities, as recognized by the Association of American Universities (AAU). California, for example, has nine, while Texas has just three — UT Austin, Texas A&M and Rice. Put another way, Texas has four times the population of Massachusetts, but the same number of AAU members.

We are paying a price for this disparity. Even with today’s tremendous academic and research accomplishments at UT Dallas, without a Tier One research university in Dallas–Fort Worth, outstanding minds are leaving the region, ideas and innovations are being left undiscovered, and billions of dollars in federal research funding are being awarded elsewhere. The need for new ideas and the bright minds that produce them has never been greater — now is our moment to respond, now is our opportunity to propel all of North Texas forward by ensuring a future with a nationally competitive research university.

“Tier One” is shorthand for those few, highly select national research universities that reach the pinnacle of innovation, creativity, scholarship and results. UT Dallas will be among them. But there is no shortcut to getting there — the people, facilities and resources must be in place that equal the talents and aspirations of those who will use them to lead the way.

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